The Industry Sheriffs Kendo Dojo (ISKD) was founded in 2004 as an extension of the defunct Monterey Park Kendo Dojo.

When the facility in Monterey Park closed, Arthur Ichiro Murakami Sensei worked tirelessly with the City of Industry Sheriffs’ Youth Activities League (YAL) to create a new dojo. With the help of Ted Takafumi Imoto Sensei, Deputy Jeff Domingo, and Captain Tim Murakami, a facility was created to Murakami Sensei’s specifications from an abandoned AM PM market. The concept of the dojo is simple- our intent is to provide a safe, healthy environment for youth of the City of Industry & surrounding areas to study the concepts of kendo, with the hopes that the practice has a positive influence on their lives.

Murakami Sensei liked to call ISKD his “little dojo.” Since 2004 ISKD has grown from just a handful of members to a family of 50 kenshi. Thanks to the Sheriffs’ YAL and our adult kenshi, those 18 and under never have to buy a shinai, never pay dues, and never pay a tournament fee. ISKD is the only known dojo in the United States with such a support structure. ISKD is growing a foundation of strong kenshi that started with Felicia Chang back in 2006 (now at Yale University). Next, Ryan Choi made a huge contribution (1st place on the senior youth team at the 2014 US Championships, now at UC Riverside). Jonathan Leung (1st place Nikkei Games 1&2 Dan, now at UC Santa Barbara) and Christine Wong (first kenshi to graduate from college- UC Irvine) have continued the trend to advanced education.

Lately, Nathan Sueki & Noah Nakayama were ISKD’s latest participants at a US Championships, earning 3rd place on the senior youth team. The dojo is young & small by local standards, but thanks to the Sheriffs it continues to thrive, encouraging it’s youth to move on to higher education, enriching careers, and community involvement.

An article on Murakami Sensei published in the Martial Arts Masters Magazine 

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